日水浸狄火,暮途天海明 Nine Planets

原文链接: steemit, cnsteem, chainbb, busy, markdown 家里有一套《神奇校车》童书,通过漫画形式教孩子学习科学知识,京生很喜欢,只是提的问题太多。这不,读到了《迷失在太阳系》这一册,京生就问了: 这些行星的名字和顺序怎么记得住呢? 我了解孩子的苦衷。他刚刚在学校学了行星的德语名字,还没记全,又接触中文名,的确难为他了。 好在,我们迅速找到了好办法。 插图:太阳系九大行星 在另一本童书 Winnie the Witch(巫婆维尼),书后有一页,教小朋友如何记住太阳系九大行星的英文名字和排列顺序。方法是编一句话,每个词的首字母与行星的首字母一致: 水星 金星 地球 火星 木星 土星 天王星 海王星 冥王星 Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets. (我有个非常简单的方法来快速记住行星的名字。) 但这是英语啊,德语呢? 德语也有: 水星 金星 地球 火星 木星 土星 天王星 海王星 冥王星 Merkur Venus Erde Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptun Pluto Mein Vater erkl?




Steemit Tips: One single click to batch resize and compress images, and insert your watermark 一键批量压缩多张图片和批量插入水印

原文链接: steemit, cnsteem, chainbb, busy, markdown The photographs taken by your camera or smartphone are usually unnecessarily large for posting on Steemit. They do nothing but slow down the loading of your post when others browse your post and waste their time. They might lose their patience and close your post. If the images are resized to figures with the width of 800 pixels before uploading, the size could be 10% of the original size, or even smaller, without losing any visual effect.

风景(录音) - 谷哥点名#6

Steemit Tips: Create your Steemit watermark using Powerpoint 制作你的专属 Steemit 透明背景水印

原文链接: steemit, cnsteem, chainbb, busy, markdown Some friends asked me how to make a Steemit ID watermark with a transparent background, like this. 有朋友问我的 Steemit ID 的透明背景水印图片是如何制作的,就像下图: The point is the transparent background. It means, the watermark looks like this when inserted into a picture: 关键点在于背景是透明的,这样的话,插入到图片里不会出现一个白色矩形: It is easy. You do not have to use Photoshop. Powerpoint can do it. Here is the procedure. An animation gif is given at the end of this post as well.


Summer Holiday in Southern France (VII): Cassis 带着俩娃游南法 (第九天): 卡西斯

原文链接: steemit, cnsteem, chainbb, busy, markdown The previous post of mine mentioned that the car rental service spent some time preparing a child seat for us on the eighth day of our holiday. They apologized a lot. As a compensation, they said that the car could be used on the following day until 16:00. As we had no plan on the ninth day and now we got a free car, we decided to use it and visit a small town close to Marseille: Cassis.

Summer Holiday in Southern France (VI): Avignon 带着俩娃游南法 (实时报道第八天): 阿维尼翁

原文链接: steemit, cnsteem, chainbb, busy, markdown Avignon was not supposed to be in our trip, because it was said that the transportation from Marseille to Avignon was inconvenient, especially if we brought two kids with us. However, my wife would like to see if any lavender field was still worth a visit, and one of my previous posts got a kind comment by @amvanaken that I should go to Avignon.