Friday Salon @ HES XJTLU

Take a coffee and join us. We will talk in a free atmosphere with interesting topics, such as:

  • a useful technique or a popular film,
  • a new paper or a nice book,
  • an amazing idea or a powerful software,
  • a celebration for a birthday or a graduation, or
  • anything with no restriction!

Welcome to our salon at 15:00 every Friday, at ES316 (Staff common Room), XJTLU!

欢迎参加西浦健康与环境科学系的星期五沙龙。一起喝杯咖啡,吃点零食,聊些有趣的话题。每周五下午三点,新兴科学楼 316 咖啡屋见!

Topics on the way: 储备话题

  1. (2020-12-04) Career in EHS: 职业安全健康环保协会介绍和职业发展前景
  2. What You Will Face in an Interview: 聊聊面试那些事
  3. Chocolate, Environmentalist, and Food Company: 巧克力、环境科学和食品公司
  4. Scientific Freelancer: an Alternative Road for PhD: 科学记者从业与转业
  5. Video series: a wild gibbon documentary produced by XJTLU’s Multimedia Content Developer, who is unknown as a film director in LA: 由环保爱好者/资深户外玩家/毕业于洛杉矶电影导演专业的/西浦在线教学摄影师/斜杠青年/李然 剪辑制作的—长臂猿科研纪录片,届时导演本人将作为嘉宾出席沙龙
  6. Those Useless R Packages: 那些奇葩的 R 包
  7. A Deathful Adventure in the Changbai Mountain:长白山的致命科考
  8. Soochow Inflation Brain vs Hangchow Solid Head: Wu ABC and the Relevant Local Culture: 苏空头vs杭铁头 - 吴语基础及相关文化
  9. Paper Sharing: Penguin, Seal and Selenium in Antarctica: 企鹅、海豹与硒
  10. Don’t PPT unless You Have to: 没事儿别用 ppt
  11. How to publish a book: 一本书的诞生
  12. Music Education and Mental Health: 音乐教育与心理健康
  13. The great Viagra controversy: 伟哥的巨大争议

Logs: 往期记录

P. C.
8 2020-11-27 HIV contact tracing: 艾滋病病毒接触者追踪工作 Stephen PAN
7 2020-11-20 Snow Leopard Videos and the Stories behind Them: 镜头下的雪豹和背后的故事 Lingyun XIAO
6 2020-11-13 Similarity between Publishing a Paper and Establishing a Company: 创业与论文发表的相似之道 Linxi YUAN
5 2020-11-06 Video: HES Assemble! With Birthday cakes! 视频分享:HES 总动员(生日蛋糕) Li LI
4 2020-10-30 From Wechat Moment to SCI Paper: 诞生于微信朋友圈的 SCI 论文 Yi ZOU
3 2020-10-23 No Perfect Results in Our Perfect Research: 完美中的不完美 Ying CHEN
2 2020-10-23 Research Repository of XJTLU: 西浦机构知识库 Jun WANG
1 2020-10-16 Reference Management Software (with R): 文献管理软件 Peng ZHAO

What knowledge / techniques / tips would like to learn/share?

How do you like those topics given previously?

Feel free to leave your comments below or send an email to peng.zhao(at) (You have to login on GitHub before leaving a message below.)

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