The biggest flower parade in Austria 奥地利的八月:若待上林花似锦,出门俱是看花人

原文链接: steemit, cnsteem, chainbb, busy, markdown August the first today. A great event is about to happen this month: the biggest flower parade in Austria. Both Germans and Austrians love flowers. They speak the same language. They share similar life styles. The difference is, Germany plays football and Austria plays music. Germany is famous for his industry and Austria is famous for her beauty. They are boy and girl, husband and wife.

Greek Holiday (Part 2) 希腊假日(2)

原文链接: steemit, cnsteem, chainbb, busy, markdown To celebrate the fifth anniversary of our wedding, we had an eight-day holiday in Greece. We were in Athens from Day 1 to Day 3, in Santorini from Day 4 to Day 8. In the previous post, some pictures taken in Athens were displayed. In this post, you can see some pictures taken in Sontorini. Other pictures are coming soon. Day 4: Arrival at Sontorini.

One day in Seoul 首尔一日游,仿佛在北京

原文链接: steemit, cnsteem, chainbb, busy, markdown After meeting an old friend of mine in Seoul, I had a one-day trip. European and American people learn Asian culture from Korea and Japan, which technically originated from China. However, they have to spend time and money on the application for a visa before a visit to China. Instead, it is much easier for them to go to Korea or Japan. They can stay in Korea in three months, and go to Japan for another three-month stay, and come back to Korea, so on and so forth, without any visa application procedure.