Summer Holiday in Southern France (IX): People We Met (Videos) 带着俩娃游南法 (完结篇): 我们遇到的人们(视频)

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On the night of Day 10, we arrived home in Innsbruck. It was cold, we saw people wearing winter clothes. The holiday in Southern France was like a warm dream. The sceneries were fantastic, but those kind people we met were more unforgettable.


Previously on Summer Holiday in Southern France (带着俩娃游南法 前情回顾):

Frankly speaking, I was worried about this trip at the beginning, mostly because of those terrorism attacks in France, especially in Nice. But my wife was quite optimistic. ‘People care more about the security after the attacks’, she said. Yes, we did see armed policemen or soldiers walking slowly in the streets in every French city.



Armed policemen or soldiers at Nice Railway Station


When we sat on a square near the Old Port of Marseille, an old man came to us and ask where we were from. He spoke only a little English. When he heard that we were from China, he said, ‘China, good country, good people.’ Then he left. Some minutes later, he came back with two icecreams for my kids! The kids loved him so much!


The other day we wanted to take Bus 19 to a beach in Marseille. We found the bus stop and waited. Two old women sitting there, watching us for a while, came to me and asked something in France. I understood nothing. They looked so worried, and one of them suddenly said, in English, ‘nineteen, no. twenty-one, yes.’ I still did not get it. They went to a girl who was standing not faraway and talked to her. The girl smiled and came and explained in English that there was no Bus 19 at this bus stop at lunch time now and we had to take Bus 21 to another stop and there was Bus 19 available. Although 19 and 21 were the only thing they could express in English, they still tried hard to let me know.

Video: a boy diving into the sea near Marseille



Luckily this girl was going to the beach as well. She said we could follow her to get on Bus 21 and change to Bus 19. So we talked on the way. She lived somewhere else (I did not remember the name of the city) in France and was having a holiday in Marseille as well as we were. She suggested that I could install an app called RTM on my smartphone so that I could see the real-time info of the public transportation. When we got to the destination, she guided us to the beach. She knew everything in Marseille!

恰好这个女孩也去沙滩,她说我们可以跟她一起走。一路上我们聊了聊。她住在法国的另一座城市(我没记住名字),跟我们一样来马赛度假。她建议我在手机里安装个名叫 RTM 的软件,可以实时查询马赛的公交信息。达到目的地后,她指给我们如何去我们要去的沙滩。看起来她对马赛了如指掌。

Yes, Marseille was my most favorite city in this trip. Marseille, the second largest city in France after Paris, looks like Guangzhou in China. I wish I could visit there again some day.

Video: Guitar players and dancers at the Palace Square, Avignon



However, the greatest happiness was still the moment when we got home. Nothing is more beautiful than the lamp in your house when you are back home at night.



Bird view of the night in Innsbruck


The End


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