Steemit Tips: Create your Steemit watermark using Powerpoint 制作你的专属 Steemit 透明背景水印

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Some friends asked me how to make a Steemit ID watermark with a transparent background, like this.

有朋友问我的 Steemit ID 的透明背景水印图片是如何制作的,就像下图:

The point is the transparent background. It means, the watermark looks like this when inserted into a picture:


It is easy. You do not have to use Photoshop. Powerpoint can do it. Here is the procedure. An animation gif is given at the end of this post as well.

非常简单。你不必使用复杂沉重的 Photoshop。用 Powerpoint 就行啦。下面是步骤。文末给出了步骤的动图。

-1. Download a template from my GitHub repo.

我的 GitHub 下载一个模板文件.

-2. Open it with Powerpoint.

用 Powerpoint 打开.

-3. Change @dapeng into your ID.

把我的ID @dapeng 修改成你的.

-4. Press ctrl+a to select all elements. Right click your mouse – Save as Picture – Save as type : PNG.

按 ctrl+a 全选当前页面的所有元素,然后右键点击选中区域,保存为图片,保存类型选为 PNG。必须是 PNG!

Done! You will get a watermark figure with a transparent background. Now you can use it in any software as a transparent backgrounded watermark.



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