Read sayings from spread sheets.

read.sinxs(file = NULL, sep = ",", lib = "sinxs")



a character string giving a sinx sayings database in csv format (in UTF-8 encoding). By default all csv files in the data directory of the sinx package are used.


library name of the sayings. - 'sinxs': (default) from - 'tangshi' - 'songshi' - 'yangsheng' - 'chinese' - 'english' - 'jinyong'


a data frame of sayings, each row contains: - quote: the quote, main part of the sayings, - author: the author of the quote, - context: the context in which it was quoted (if available, otherwise NA), - source : where it was quoted (if available, otherwise NA), - date: when it was quoted (if available, otherwise NA).


libs <- read.sinxs() libs <- read.sinxs(lib = "jinyong") libs <- read.sinxs(lib = c("tangshi", "songshi", "chinese", "yangsheng", "english", "jinyong")) path_f <- system.file("fortunes/fortunes.csv", package = "fortunes") path_s <- system.file("sinxs/sinxs.csv", package = "sinx") libs <- sinx::read.sinxs(c(path_f, path_s), sep = c(";", ","))