Several years ago I began learning R language in my doctoral research. I wrote and collected many equations in ecology and meteorology. For convenience I organized them in an .R script file and run source() to call these functions. Time passed and this script file grew bigger and bigger. Now there are around 50 functions in it. A single .R script is not easy to use any longer. Thus I developed the ‘mf’ package with all these functions in it.


‘mf’ is mainly developed for college students and scientists. R beginners might be interested as well, because this package was written in simple R commands.

‘mf’ version 0.0.0 contains the equations which can:

  • convert trace gas concentration between different units,
  • convert air humidity between different units,
  • calculate the saturation pressure at a given temperature,
  • optimize the exponential model for trace gas flux estimation by chamber techniques,
  • plot a Taylor diagram to compare models and observations.

More functions are coming soon.

Quick Start

Installation of R

Download R and install it.

Installation of mf

In R environment, run the following codes to install pinyin.