An open-access data website for novel coronavirus data

We built a website for information of 2019-nCoV outbreak.


R ncovr package is used for data processing and visualization. The data used on this site come from BlankerL/DXY-2019-nCoV-Crawler and JackieZheng/2019-nCoV. The credit of the translation of area/city names from Chinese into English belongs to brightgems/china_city_dataset and the R pinyin package. This site is built by R blogdown package with HUGO, hosted on GitHub and Netlify, and updated automatically with the support of Travis-CI.

This site was reported on the media as follows.


The new data uses the combination of confirmed and suspected cases for all dates in the model, recalculating the cumulative total for all dates starting at the disease outbreak.


They created a website to provide scientists, journalists and other researchers open access to data from across China on novel coronavirus and daily statistical modeling. “We hope that through the integration of information, we can provide more people with data sharing and fight the epidemic together,” Zou said.

One open-access data model published on Monday by scientists at Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University in eastern Jiangsu province also predicted a sharp decline in new confirmed infections next week before falling close to zero by February 23. However, the researchers warned there were many factors that could influence the model.

“To my knowledge, this is the only such open-access data website for novel coronavirus data that exists in the world,” said Johannes Knops, head of the Department of Health and Environmental Sciences at XJTLU.

健康与环境科学系主任Johannes Knops教授表示,“对于全球需要针对新冠疫情获取研究数据的科研工作者和新闻机构来说,该网站提供了非常有价值的资源。就我所知,这是目前世界上唯一一个关于新冠病毒疫情的开放获取数据网站。”

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